UBR Tactical Enabling your Mission

Our Mission

We provide those who protect our country the best in mission-grade equipment and gear. With more than a decade of experience, we supply to all branches of military, intelligence, and law enforcement. UBR Tactical expert team will execute any mission request; either sourcing from existing best-of-breed solutions to developing and manufacturing in-house. Your mission is our mission.


From the galley’s oven to the storm-suits worn on deck, UBR Tactical is there for your needs.

Air Force

UBR Tactical sources components and tools to build aircraft as well as uniforms and flight suits.


From uniforms and protective gear to ammunition, we are here to help.

Law Enforcement

Law and order are vital to our society. UBR Tactical supplies tactical gear, ammunition, canine gear and mounted police gear.  We provide police forces with the most sophisticated equipment to maintain a qualitative edge.